Jean design that expresses the energy of life with colorful story telling


In 2019 Summer CLIMBER B.C JEANS designs, the season is characterized with colors and patterns. In the middle of city life and time, brings you new breaks and new times with streets of your mind and heart, making you unique.

CLIMBER JEANS designs brings new time new attitudes in what you wear. Stylish, chic and free times. Comfortable and chic. The season is inspired by so many things. One of them is the details of the Lucid project in California by artist Phillip K. Smith. Another is a yellow terrace by architect Peter Pichler. The surfaces of these structures are reflected in the fabrics and materials of the collection.

Sateen smooth jackets. Jean washed-out effects remind the selections of many qualified projects. The jean designs of the season are quite varied and vibrant. Infinity of attitudes and style alternatives in special forms. The shapes are comfortable, the fabrics are indigo, cotton and lycra mix. The colors are sky blue, blue white, petrol and green grays, Hawaiian blue white and gray blue.

Sateen smooth special black surfaced digital printed jackets are the most varied designs of 2019 Summer collection. Botanic and tropical multi-colored and green tones of camouflage patterns in the variety of alternatives of jackets and t-shirts. Jackets with knitted collars, cuffs and hem, with dark contracts surface and contrast prints creates privileged sporty chic. The printed jacket designs are balanced with printed t-shirt designs. Dark t-shirt with saxe blue print, white jeans, white leather shoes and digital print special effect jacket designs, botanic and tropical camouflage patterns are the season’s most trendy combinations.

With vintage inclined colors, a special tone between indigo and petrol. Special washed-put effects and transitional color tones in denim jackets and denim pants in most suitable imagery of the jean trend. The jackets with orange and tobacco toned threads on petrol blue surface with special stitching effect and slightly shadowed jeans stitched with dark orange threads are in perfectly balanced harmony. Rhythmic and calm harmony. CLIMBERJEANS adds these two double jean designs and combinations with different top alternatives to complete. Button ups in natural and pastel colored printed cottons. Mercerized digital printed t-shirts create more dynamic variety of combinations, while button ups are good alternatives for more casual and calmer options of the season.

Neo-classic. Essential. Meritable and calm.
2019 summer designs are characterized by calm and patterned style. Vibrant and positive, familiar and elegant. Different combinations of different patterns that can be worn on top of each other or overlapping combinations of the same patterns create unique effects this summer. Denim jackets, denim pants, summer printed button ups, t-shirts and leather accessories. Effortless, light chic design, away from complexity, so familiar and relaxed collection.

Carrot and slim forms create unbelievably aesthetic combinations with any type of tops.

Denim jackets and blazers with denim pants, with the same special washed-out effects. Jean color tones are foggy blue, soft and comfortable touch with light bleaching, in blue, dark blue and purple nuanced blue are shining through. The t-shirt options for this slightly purple denim designs vary between pink, flame red and maroon, with dominating bright red tones. Patterned, printed, jacquard t-shirts in tropical pattern direction. The best jean colors, special washes, fitted t-shirts and fitted jackets.

Modernist. Natural. Neo-western. Neo-classic and meritable jeans.

HIGH LIFE, a trendy modern design of the free spirited man able to exist at the high point of life, is the essential style brought by distinguished CLIMBER JEAN 2019 collection.